The Universidad de Manila (UDM), formerly known as City College of Manila, was established in 1995 pursuant to Ordinance No. 7885 enacted by the City Council of Manila. It is one of the two locally funded universities of the City Government of Manila.

UDM was then located in the old 12-storey Philippine National Bank (PNB) Building in Sta. Cruz, Manila. Today, the main campus of the University stands at the heart of the Mehan Garden adjacent to the Liwasang Bonifacio, Manila City Library, and the Light Rail Transit Central Terminal. Apart from its main campus, the University maintains an annex building at Escolta, Sta. Cruz.

For more than 20 years, UDM has remained committed to providing free quality education to the City’s less privileged but intellectually deserving scholars. In return, UDM students and alumni have been consistent in upholding their academic excellence as well as in achieving a positive impact in the lives of people they inspire and serve in whatever field of endeavor they wish to pursue.

With its continuous progress and development, the Universidad de Manila community is confident of broadening its horizons towards producing globally competitive graduates, faculty, and staff.